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Useful links

The Migraine association and Migraine Trust provide useful information about many aspects of the condition and its management.

The British Association for the Study of Headache - 'To relieve those affected by the burdens of headache'

The National Society for Epilepsy and Epilepsy Action provides information about coping with epilepsy and seizures.

The MS Society is the main source of reliable information about MS.

The Parkinson's Disease Society provides information about the disease and its management.

A comprehensive list of patient and carer support groups can be found at the Association of British Neurologists website.

Follow this link to the on-line DVLA guidelines on fitness to drive following neurological, cardiovascular or visual disorders:  http://www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/medical/aag.aspx

Click on the following links to some of the more commonly used private healthcare companies:  AXAPPP,  AVIVA,  BUPA, Simply Health, PruHealth  Beneden Healthcare